1994 Subrau Impreza WRX Wagon GC8


109,000 kms

  • STI exterior facelift conversion
  • STI strut brace
  • STI key
  • STI rear wing
  • STI roof racks
  • FMIC
  • KBEE Coil overs
  • JUN BL exhaust
  • APS FMIC and pipe work
  • AP Racing pot front calipers
  • AP Racing 4 pot rear calipers
  • Slotted and ended front rotors
  • STI badges
  • Facelift interior
  • Facelift dash
  • Facelift leather seats
  • Rear fold down TV
  • Dual subwoofers
  • Double din front dvd screen
  • Ice cold AC
  • Tinted windows

1988 Toyota Supra Turbo A



1 of 500 (1988 Toyota Supra “Turbo A”) here and home.

Turbo A

The Turbo-A was Toyota’s evolution model for [Group A] Japanese Touring Car Championships (JTCC) all over the world which required a minimum homologation run of 500 units which were only sold in Japan and was produced between August and September 1988. Thus the term 88 Spec A. Some noted differences between the standard Supra 3.0 GT and the Turbo-A model are both cosmetic and mechanical. The stock CT-26 turbo had a slightly larger inducer and can be identified by a stamped “E” on the raised casting on the compressor housing. The turbo-A had a 65 mm (2.6 in) throttle body and accompanied larger diameter crossover pipe, instead of the standard 7M-GTE 60 mm (2.4 in) and “3000” cast original unit. The Turbo-A also benefited from a larger volume steel air cleaner, instead of the factory plastic unit.

The fuel management used a MAP system, instead of the standard Karmen Vortex AFM. The front nose features an additional “Turbo A duct” to add airflow to the intercooler. Also unique was the side decal and rear badging (“3.0GT Turbo A”) and a black paint job (paint code 202). All Turbo-As came standard with grey leather interior featuring a Momo-sourced steering wheel and shift knob. Its engine bay features a 266 hp (198 kW) 7M-GTEU. It is important to note, that the 7M-GTEU was standard in all Japanese spec delivered MA70’s, the 7M-GTEU was not unique to the Turbo-A. The “U” designation meant the engine came equipped with a catalytic converter as per Japan-spec emissions.

All Group-A race cars were fitted with a TRD-sourced torque-vectoring mechanical limited-slip differential with 50:50 left:right lockup on full throttle. TRD was also responsible for the thick rear-anti squat tram-rods which was integral to the multi-link rear suspension setup to control rear squat under hard acceleration and launching.

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Engine :

– Larger throttle body
– Unlabelled intake pipe of larger diameter (ie: no ‘3000’pipe)
– Compressor side turbo larger
– D-Jetro MAP system (Manifold Absolute Pressure)
– Larger CT26 turbo with the “E” symbol on Compressor Cover as identification
– Boost up from 0.48kg/cm2 to 0.55kg/cm2 (larger actuator)
– Unique ECU to match D-Jetro system
– Metal air cleaner box
– Larger inter cooler
– Oil cooler moved to center position, below turboA duct

Interior :

– Analog Dash (No digital) with 180KM/h Speedo, 6,500 RPM redline and max boost at +400mmhg
– Interior was Leather as standard.
– Black Momo shift knob & Steering wheel
– WITHOUT cruise control (as opposed to other mk3s)

Handling :

– Suspension Package upgraded (much stiffer than standard).
– Without TEMS – Toyotas adjustable suspension
– Black coloured alloy wheels “Saw blades” with 225 all round.
– Brake rotor with turboA unique ventilated holes on disk
– Front spring : 8kg / Rear spring : 3.9kg
– Front Shock : 280kg / 80kg (extend/ shrink @ piston speed 0.3m/sec )
– Rear Shock : 210kg / 65kg (“)


– Front intake scoop (known as the ‘TurboA’ scoop)
– turboA badging
– Blackened (smoked) turn signals
– Small sized side mud guard
– Silver Rear “TOYOTA SUPRA” emblem
– Available only in Black : colour code 202.

Info :

– It was a limted run of 500
– The identification code should read “BLMXZ” if it is real turboA.